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Mention of a settlement in the area that is modern Jerusalem dates back more than four thousand years ago, found inscribed on a cuneiform tablet. Over the millennium the city has changed hands more than twenty-five times, including rule by Byzantium and the Romans. Most recently, the young nation of Israel, formed in 1948, claims Jerusalem as its capital. Though Israel has its capital governmental facilities located in Jerusalem, Palestine as well calls the city its capital. Not officially recognized internationally as the capital of Israel, Jerusalem is often called an occupied territory of Palestine. Jerusalem is considered a holy city for the world’s three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The city has a population of roughly 850,000 inhabitants, situated in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City is denoted by the fortification walls constructed by king Suleiman in 1538. In 1981 the Old City and its walls were named a World Heritage site. The largest employer in Jerusalem is the government of Israel, which leaves tourism as the city’s main economy. More than 2.5 million tourists visited the city in 2013. A very large part of the tourism in Israel centered around one of its many ancient holy sites. Visitors come to see the Western Wall of the Temple mount which was once home to the famous first temple of Solomon, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque which now adorns the top of the temple mount. Though tourism makes up most of the economy of Jerusalem, the Israeli government has recently infused grants into the opening of new business and start-ups, and has seen thousands of tech jobs move to the city. Many international corporations such as Intel, Cisco, and IBM now have offices in Jerusalem.

Traveling in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an ancient and historic city, and its layout is proof of this. Jerusalem has many narrow roads, back alleys, and dead ends. Major construction is underway on both the city’s infrastructure and one of many new high-rise apartments being built. With a population density of 7,100/km2 (18,000/sq mi), travel in Jerusalem can get a bit hectic for both seasoned and novice travelers alike.For ease of travel, safety, and to fully experience all that Jerusalem has to offer, booking your ground transportation with Royal American Jerusalem is the best option. Transport services with Royal American are timely, convenient, and most importantly, safe. Royal American can provide a wide range of vehicle types including but not limited to business sedans, luxury sedans, SUVs, minivans and minibuses, executive vans and buses, mini coaches and motor coaches, and a wide range of armored vehicles. Royal Americanis the most capable company to fulfill all your transportation requirements when planning for avacation through history, a business trip, organizing a major event, or extended family holiday in and around Jerusalem. Whether you need transportation to and from one of the many historic sites, a hotel, business meeting, or simply a guide around town, Royal American Jerusalem has a top-quality fleet of vehicles with knowledgeable and courteous chauffeurs ready to serve you.

Jerusalem Airport Services

Ben Gurion International Airport (IATA: TLV, ICAO: LLBG) is the closest airport to service Jerusalem. TLV Airport is located roughly 41 km (25 mi) from the city in nearby Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion is considered one of the safest airports in world because of heavy and constant IDF presence. Other airports in the area include SdeDov Airport (IATA: SDV, ICAO: LLSD) also in Tel Aviv, and Queen Alia International Airport (IATA: AMM, ICAO: OJAI) located in neighboring country of Jordon roughly 74 km (46 mi) east of Jerusalem. Royal American can provide transfer between TLV and SDV, to and from hotels, business meetings, cultural sites, and surrounding cities when you book on our website or speak with a professional team member over the phone; the peace of mind knowing Royal American will be there for you always is priceless. A driver will meet you at your flight, take care of your bags, and escort you to a well-maintained vehicle of your choosing, to be driven in safety and comfort to your destination in and around Jerusalem. Royal American takes pride in providing top-quality service to each and every customer so that you can relax and enjoy your travels.

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